The Morning Routine Of A Fit Chick

Win your mornings and win the day, here are my tips.

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Sometimes your morning can feel rushed and leave you feeling frazzled if you don’t wake up early enough to get everything done before heading to work!

Here are my Favourite Tips for Conquering your working week with a winning morning routine:

  1. Wake up early (yes you will need to set an alarm and get up when it goes off!) Don’t hit snooze it’s time to get started with your day!
  2. Make your bed 🙂
  3. Wash your face, tone and moisturise. Apply a BB cream or tinted moisturiser with at least SPF 15 +
  4. Drink a glass of water upon rising (hydrate early)
  5. Eat a protein rich breakfast within 30 minutes of waking up. You need to fuel your body and Break the fast from sleeping for 8 hours and having no food during that time. I don’t believe in training fasted there is no real evidence to support this as a more beneficial way to burn fat and it certainly won’t help you train any harder.
  6. Take your vitamins in the morning every morning! My must haves are; B vitamin Complex, probiotics, vitamin C, creatine, Digestive enzymes, magnesium, cod liver oil or fish oil and zinc.
  7. Don’t forget you deodorant or desired scent to keep your feeling fresh all day long.
  8. Get your exercise done before work so you don’t have to think about it after work when you’re tired and over it.
  9. Lay out your clothes for the day. (include your gym outfit and your daily work outfit).
  10. Pack yourself a lunch that you enjoy and is also nutrient dense and will fuel you appropriately for the day.
  11. leave 5 minutes early (nobody likes to be late!)
  12. If all else fails repeat my favourite daily mantra: “BE POSITIVE, BE PATIENT, BE PERSISTENT”.

Heres to having a hugely successful day and an effective morning routine for you!

Becylu xx

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