Home Gym 2.0

Hello lovelies, If you have already completed my first at home dumbbells workout guide then this program is for you! Ideally, you will need a barbell to complete this program however if you only have a backpack with some weights in it that will be suitable too!

This program is again an upper/lower split designed to be followed for a period of eight weeks. You should complete 6 x strength training days + 2 cardio sessions (of your choice) per week – you could even make one of your cardio choices a fun body weight HIIT session!

You may also like to use the booty band session included in the guide for an extra burn on leg day! I recommend completing it before your strength training session. I know it can be difficult to stay motivated if you don’t have access to a gym, but you can continue to achieve your physique goals from home by simply making it part of your daily routine and making in a priority!  Stay healthy!

Much Love,

Coach Becylu


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