Home Gym 1.0

For the fit chick who doesn’t want to lose her gains during the Corona virus pandemic. As we all know the world is going through a tough time right now. I’ve had many clients express concern that their gym is closing or has now closed due to the virus. (from America, Australia to Europe and Asia). For most of us that means it’s time to self- isolate and work at home until things calm down.

So, for all my gals out there who still want to get a workout in everyday from the safety of their own home I’ve formulated this program which can be done with just dumbbells. If you have some lighter weight ones for upper days and some heavier ones for lower body days you’re all set. (anything from 4kgs up to 12.5kgs is acceptable). If you have extra equipment at home like kettle bells and a yoga mat and a bench then great! If you don’t have a bench you can do a lot of the movements standing up or some upper movements can be done on the floor or a chair. This workout is designed as an upper/lower split. You can train 6 days a week with this program and have one full rest day, then pick up where you left off.

This program can be followed for 8 weeks and you will continue to make gains and achieve progressive overload if you work on increasing the weights you are using or increasing the reps or increasing the volume. All hope is not lost! Look after yourself and your family, eat your protein and get your dumbbells ready! Stay strong gals

Much Love,

Coach Becylu


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