For ladies getting back into the gym who are wanting to restore their strength and build a better physique after a small period away from strength training and the gym. This program has been designed to restore your strength and rebuild your physique to a place where you are feeling confident and proud of your body again.

The program features an upper/lower split. You should complete six strength training days and have one full rest day each week. There are 8 sessions to cycle though, which means each week of training will be different! You will notice that sessions 2 & 4 are identical, while session 1 & 3 vary in rep range, exercise order and exercise selection in order to avoid grinding through the exact planes of motion and same stresses TOO repetitiously.

I’ve also included a bonus HIIT & Booty Band Circuit for you to enjoy. Now let’s go lift!

Much Love.

Coach Becylu


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