What Is Food Flexibility?

A way to enjoy all the foods you like and still hit your macros.

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What is food flexibility? And how do we adopt it in our daily lives? 

Food flexibility generally means you can acknowledge that all foods are energy sources and therefore can’t be labeled as ‘good’ or ‘bad’. 

Food Flexibility came about in my life only once I had fully embraced IIFYM and allowed myself to enjoy all foods I liked and paid attention to my own cravings as well as my macronutrient needs for the day. 

It can be very hard to transition from following a stick or rigid diet/ meal plan to just having complete freedom with all foods!

Of course, you need to eat your greens and your protein if you want to grow up big and strong. BUT restricting foods you personally enjoy or think are ‘bad’ for you often leaves you wanting to eat that food item more. And when you do finally eat that food item you overeat on it and then feel very guilty after consuming it. 

In order to understand a little more about why you behave the way you do around food you have to become conscious of YOUR FOOD RULES and determined why they are your rules. 

IIFYM allows you to give yourself permission to break ad challenge your food rules. 

You can learn to appropriately fuel your body and enjoy the foods you like at the SAME TIME. You can also achieve a particular weight loss goal at the same time as enjoying food flexibility with IIFYM. 

If you want a salad you go order that salad! But if you prefer a burger have the burger. 

Trust yourself enough to make food choices to appropriately fuel your body and your soul. So, you never feel like you are missing out!

Being flexible with food will have a positive impact on your overall health and stress levels.

I challenge you to try some more variety in your meals today. Try something new today as a snack and fit it in your daily macro targets. 

Becylu xx

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