What The Judges Are Looking For?

Guest insight from Coach Deasy.

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This post is a post I am sharing from Coach Deasy after the killer performance from Granite conditioning this year in Natural bodybuilding. Here is what he has to say about the Team success and his coaching style.

“Can facts and figures disprove this? Can it be demonstrated that that at least SOMEONE CAN PREDICT what it takes to win?

Time for a GIANT ugly rant – because people are STILL not getting it. I normally like to let the results do the talking, but people are obviously not paying attention/unaware/incapable of contextualising the information.

1. Team Granite just won every ICN swimsuit title in QLD for 2019. In fact, we won nearly every DIVISION we entered.

2. Team Granite just won every ICN bikini title in QLD for 2019. The second “clean sweep” in 4 years; repeating 2016.

3. Since 2016 Team Granite has won 22 out of 27 Overall Bikini Titles in QLD; including winning Miss World on the Gold Coast against international competition and INCLUDING throwing a lone 30+ competitor into a show in Cairns as a warm-up. (We also won 8 out of the 11 Bikini Pro cards awarded in QLD in that time period). That’s across 8 seasons, 4 years and 6 different cities.

4. Those 22 titles were won by 19 different champions; from junior to 30+, mums, black, white, blonde, brunette, with implants, without implants, only coached by me, “coached” by someone else to no placing previously, 1st ever season, 3rd season, short, tall, borderline too lean on stage, borderline too fat on stage, started skinny and weak, started overweight, a natural at posing, terrible at posing, borderline too muscular on stage, borderline not muscular enough on stage…it didn’t matter….because it wasn’t down to luck.

5. In other words – my advice has been 4.4 times more successful, than everybody else COMBINED when it comes to Overall Bikini Titles. And that’s not accounting for Granite competitors usually being being outnumbered 10 to 1. And I dropped one of those titles to a self-coached girl from PERTH! 🤣 There is no comparison. Nobody else has managed to win TWO, let alone twenty-two. You would think that people would take notice. You’d be wrong!

6. Have a look at the photo – the people who last weekend won 12 divisions in bikini/swimsuit (not all pictured) ARE DIFFERENT PEOPLE than the ones who won 9 times in fitness/sports. There is NO OVERLAP between them. 6/8 bikini/swimsuit/runway competitors WON. 3/4 sports/fitness WON. ALL 12/12 placed, multiple times.

They all worked SPECIFICALLY (and damn hard) for their correct ‘look’!!! And they ACHIEVED that look! 

At Granite there would only be about 5% of competitors who have EVER entered bikini and sports model divisions on the same day. That is the EXCEPTION, not the rule. That is usually a sign that something hasn’t gone quite right for either division.

Also note than NONE of these people “woke up a winner/place-getter”; they ALL transformed A LOT in order to be where they are now. If you have seen a “team” where one girl was in shape before the season, “everyone knew she would do well” and she was the only one won or placed highly in first-timer or novice before fading when the standard rose for harder divisions…then you have NOT SEEN an actual bodybuilding team in action. 

So when someone says that it’s “totally unpredictable what the judges are looking for on any given day” …


“I lack the intelligence or conscientiousness or experience…or all three…required to have an informed opinion on the matter of bodybuilding competition. Thank goodness I am not going to give any advice or charge money for “coaching services”, because I have just verbalised the self-awareness of my own ignorance. I don’t know what is going on MYSELF, so I certainly can’t help anyone else successfully plan ahead.”

“At Bob’s Bodgey Builders we don’t even know what a house is supposed to BE! Contact us now for a full design-and-construct engineering job for YOU!”

“At Mindy Slutgutz Airlines, did you know that 20% of our aeroplanes land where and when they are supposed to?”

“At Dr Nick’s House of Surgeries’n’That, 20% of our patients FULLY RECOVER!”

SURELY no-one would tolerate such incompetence in any other service!?!?

Maybe the judges DO know what they’re doing? Maybe the best person usually wins? Maybe a select few other people ALSO know what they’re doing too?

Maybe it’s worth only listening to the opinions and advice of people with a track record of SUCCESS, perhaps punctuated with some bad luck, rather than a track record of failure, punctuated with some good luck?

People will start getting serious for Season A 2020 soon. And I already know that a BUNCH of young people are going to sign up to follow the advice of an Insta-Famous fraud or some confident bloke at the gym, or someone who seems clever because they have a degree in something somewhat relevant.

Just like this season, they will have a terrible experience. In the weeks prior to comp, they will be secretly reaching out to other coaches in a panic, because they made a terrible decision to listen to a fraud 6 months prior. They will not reach their potential and they will be lost, hurt and confused after the competition. 

And I haven’t even gotten onto the subject of mental or physical well-being. Part of the success in the “win column” of this year is advising at least two people to NOT compete and instead focus on getting a better relationship with food, the mirror and/or the scales. And I’m proud of being “fired” by a client for refusing to drop Calories below 1,450….15 weeks out. But the psychological benefit/harm aspect of this crazy game is for a whole other rant that I’ve been asked to do…

If you’re one of those exasperated sensible people, arguing with someone that they should “go to Granite” or “go to a real coach” for their comp prep advice and you’re not getting through to them, perhaps direct them to this diatribe. If they STILL don’t get it, then they cannot be persuaded by evidence…and you can at least say that you tried to help.”

Coach Deasy

Team Granite Conditioning

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